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"The thinkable is the speakable,
the unthinkable is the unspeakable."


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An introduction to Wittgenstein, the philosopher

  1. Life
  2. Background
  3. Tractatus: The world according to Wittgenstein
  4. The later philosophy
  5. Conclusions: philosophy, ethics, science, religion
  6. Publications

Tractatus: The world according to Wittgenstein

Language thought world
Language (T5.6, T5.62)
Total Propositions (T4.001)
What we can think (T5.61)
All true thoughts (T3.01)
World (T1)
Total Reality (T2.063)
Propositions (T3.1, T4.023)
True Elementary (T5)
Thoughts (T3)
Pictures (T2.1)
Model of reality (T2.12)
Facts (T1.1, T2.06)
Elementary propositions (T4.21)
Connection of names (T4.22)
  Atomic facts (T2)
=state of affairs
Name (T3.22, T4.0311)
Simple signs (T3.201, T3.202)
Words (T4.026)
Elements of picture (T2.1514)
Objects = Things (T2.01)
Simple (T2.02)
Unalterable (T2.0271)

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