Eli Tomer - Selected Poems

Waiting for a shuttle in Berkeley

A little poem about tolerance

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Cold, wind at daybreak
strolling down the stairs
outside - the smell of a skunk
mixes with chimes from a house nearby
a deer crosses the road
and Berkeley still sleeping
her homeless
dream of warm days under the sun.
Draped in the fog
she breathes morning
her eyes veiled
careless about the future.
And I - wide awake
thinking of the journey ahead
when the shuttle arrives
with its hurried driver
impatient passengers;
And then
a last glimpse of the staircase
fades in the fog.

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Music in Regent Park

It's Sunday afternoon in Regent Park.
Willows sweep loose branches
like hair over green chairs set on the meadow
inviting everyone to sit and listen.
The orchestra takes a break
for the applause
and the conductor, satisfied with the music
is planning the next piece.
Just a little earlier
while they were still playing
a small boy on a skateboard
circling the stage
shouted Booooo...
Noone hushed him
only a woman with silver hair
and a shiny trumpet
looked at him and smiled.

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